The Gathering

The Wilder Family

We're just another family who has seen a number of expressions of the church. Some aspects good, some not so good. As I read my Bible, I see something dynamically different and in some instances totally opposite of what we see in today's churches.  That reality has caused us to do church differently.

The following is a link to an article written about us in 2001.

I'm Wayne, the author and designer of this site (so far).   My wife and I homeschooled our three daughters, from K-12 beginning in the late 80's,  They all graduated with honors from the local community college.  Our oldest daughter, a piano teacher, is now married and has one son and one daughter.  Our youngest daughter is a pre-vet major at the University of Massachusetts. Our middle daughter,a UMass alum, is director of the Amherst homeless shelter called Craig's Doors.  (

Wilbraham Gathering:

We are currently gathering weekly in our home in Wilbraham, MA for the Lord's supper, prayer, worship, and whatever else God lays on our hearts together. 

Connecticut Gathering:

We've been associated with a Connecticut house church  a number of years now. At one point we had a rather large group as you can see in the picture at the top of this page.     Ideally, the church meets locally: within walking distance of each other.  Unfortunately, we don't tend to;  some of us drive over an hour to get to wherever we are meeting in a particular week.